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Beyond – The Story Live 2005

yeah baby!! My pre-order Beyond DVD and CD from finally arrive @ my door step yesterday. I have been Beyond fans since year 1996, because of them… Inspire me play band + music.. Especially Paul Wong!!! If you are Beyond fans, you must buy this DVD + CD, this is their last concert, after 22 years with each other, finally disband. Yes, finally disband.. You will think what the hell, I sound happy they disband? Yes, I am happy they disband…. It’s because Paul Wong music doesn’t suit Kah Keong and Sai Weng, and Paul Wong lead Beyond after Kah Kui passed away. Seriously, if you listen to Paul Wong single, that is the music he wants to play, not 真的爱你, 光辉岁月, 想你… Paul Wong is a rocker.. 🙂

1 million signature?
I read that china fans going to get 1 million signature and hope Beyond don’t disband…?? 1 million signature? If 1 million china fans buy their album, I bet they won’t disband 😛