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Bhusan Birthday!

Bhusan: This guy build the CMS for us
Me: I am very tired

Bhusan – A guy from Nepal who come to Malaysia for 3 months training. I will be building CMS website for a media in Nepal and give Bhusan training on how to operate the CMS.

Hey dude… You won’t be lonely having your birthday in our office! The staff will sing you birthday song and buy birthday cake and celebrate for you 🙂

Yea… blow the candles and make a wish!

and now, everybody waiting… for the cake

Lin & Max: Quick Bhusan, we are hungry

Bhusan is ready to serve us

First piece go to boss

Yes! sure I want :P…

One reply on “Bhusan Birthday!”

Excuse me~ when did i said the “Quick bhusan, we are hungry”?? how come i don’t even notice wat i said ? hehe..
hope this blog will report the truth only!! but not making story ya ..dude..
Happy Birthday Bhusan~!

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