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Birthday Present

This year, I was planed to buy myself a Black Mac Book as my birthday present. My birthday already passed 2 days ago; until now, it seem like I don’t have enough budget to buy. Donate me some money please, I accepted Master and Visa.

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Hey, where did u get this pic? This is not a MacBook. The MacBook is entirely black. Not two tone like the pic u posted. Besides, its not glossy.

Hmm fan art perhaps? Anyway. If u finally save up. Give me a call. I’l give u a good deal. 🙂

Happy belated birthday! (My birthday is coming soon too – 19th Aug)
yeah, black MacBook is cool but it is a bit expensive… white version is cheaper but not cool. :-/

my bird day coming too . just afrraid you guys don’t know what to buy or so coincident buying a same present , choose one of the below (while stock last):-
Samsung PRO 815

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