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Blog to keep an eyes on us

Next week, boss will head to New York meeting for 1 week, he is worry about his kid being naughty in the office. He said that will visit my blog and see is everything fine in out department. So next week I will carry office headline.. Hahaha, I carry the office headline who carry my headline? Which mean I can be naughty 😛 Heh.. can I? I got lot of work to do.. Bhusan is bugging my ass to get the CMS done as soon as posibble. Haha… my fellow colleague, beware of my camera…. 😛

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haha damn, too bad the boss knows about your website, its always more fun when the boss is gone. I know when i was at mkini, i got lots of blog work done when the boss was gone… haha sorry prem!

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