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Busy with projects

Finally, the Nepali Times project is going to finish. It’s near the end and Bhushan is going back this Friday – which is my birthday. Bhushan! You can’t have the cake/party 😛 But we will have a farewell for you tomorrow night. Ei…not tomorrow night, its now Thursday…Blur… ok, tonight, farewell for you. What would you like to eat??? Ah, don’t talk about farewell…I’ve got to make sure the other fellows can make it. Or else it will end up just like Eric’s farewell – just him and me.

Am also working on another project now. It came in last minute so I have been sleeping less than 5 hours daily for the past 3 weeks. Kinda tiring. What is the project about? “secret” – will announce next week 🙂

Going to sleep now, less blogging nowadays. Oh ya, a lot MyOSS emails. I think I can finish reading all tomorrow. But I don’t think it ‘s related to me… else, Lotso will email me personally.

Oh ya people, MyOSS mag new edition is out.. Grab it now!

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