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Cannot stop

Planing to come back, don’t want to stop one month. A lot of unfair thing happened, and I need some where to voice out loudly. But mind you, Malaysia don’t have freedome of speech/voice. You got to extremely becareful during blogging something related to poli/business.

Good thing also happened, I also want to share with friend. Birthday coming soon 😛 it’s 5th August, 22 years “old”.. older one year adi.. Please ready your present, may be will have house warming + birthday bash with Max and RJ in 2nd week of August.

Uglymen coming to town in August, join me, have fun with them. They Rocks!

I decided to share what I know in webserver, mailserver setup with fellow friend who visited my blog. or may be some programming tips/tricks. I am not expert, I got to share, because it’s open source 🙂 and I welcome your feedback

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paul, when u say that u wanna share tips and tricks on mailsetup, does it involve socket programming?
i need help on that, thanks man! ^^

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