Paul-琮政 Life

Car on tow!

Hehehe… hahahaha… huhuhuhu.. Danny’s car on tow… why? ermm.. not sure, you got to ask him….
Today, after lunch, suppose to continue work, suddently all the staff stadning at the window looking at something.. Oh god… danny’s car on tow..! What happened? not sure, ask him ask him.

After settle everything… We went to Subang to get his car… Gosh the map that direct us to the place is brilliant, how brlliant is the map? I will show you once i scan it. We reach the “area” around 5:15pm, follow the map, I am sure we are in that area, but the map really suck.. it show landmark, it look like behind airrod and beside a golf club… After ding dong in the area around 15mins, me and danny gave up, we decided to throw stone get direction(投石问路). First in an indian shop, his finger pointing here and there but dun really give us the clues… we decide ask other, and thank to the work shop people who give us the correct direction. But by the time we reach there already 6:20pm, the shop PIC left! So, in the end… also CAN’T get the car but wasting time there, thank to the VERY GOOD DESIGN map :P..

Bye bye.. see you later.

Check the VERY GOOD DIRECTION map! If you could get there, applaus, you make it!

Danny, “haih.. sad.. ”

Danny, “Where are the people…”

Danny, “issit there?”

Danny, “Or there..?”