can i quit?

after such a long time didn’t access this blog, here i m.
can i quit ? must be wondering what i want to quit from? quit from job!!!
reason of quiting from job is because i m so tired 🙁 , after seeing an old article posted by paul ‘I am tired’, really feel that why we have to be so tired.
now i really feel the difference between working life n study life, both have goods n bads but working life make me feel like quiting so frequent although i started to work since october 2005, just around 8 months experience but yet really don’t have the intention or mood in coming to office. working is like routine, doing the same thing daily except weekend at least i m having such feeling. wake up early morning n travel to work n back home after work n get back to sleep no longer, once i step in office will just wait for the lunch hour n once more waiting for end of work after lunch time, sad thing to say same thing is repeating. i wonder how many do actually enjoy their work, perhaps there r but i m not falling in that group of people at least for the moment.

let c y i don’t like to work, company which i m working with require us to travel either local or oversea, depends on your lucks in joining which project or team. it is undeniable i will gain lots of different experience undergo this and i actually don’t mind. i m not sure is it i m having good luck or bad luck by assiging to travel between EON and Menara Maybank, both are the client of my company. anyway, thanks for company because they make me know where this both banks are after traveling to there. basically my responsibility is to do supporting, testing and debugging when i m there. problem is what i was been trained in the first month is totally different from what i have to do now, eventually we have senior to guide us but my senior seem to be so busy, she has to travel among KWSP, AFFIN, AMBANK, MAYBANK and etc because i m not sure as well. she did teach me what basic thing, problem can be solved when she is along with me but based on her tight schedule n no other team-mate helping her in malaysia, most of my team-mate are oversea including leader, hence my senior got to leave me alone n support/testing/debuggin myself.

frankly speak, i can’t answer all question or problem occur, it seems like i have to answer but yet i can’t give an accurate answer. what i should do? seriously no idea, ask help from some other department’s senior, they can’t answer because they r from different department. get help from my own senior, she is busy n phone sometimes can’t really help much. as a result, the person ask me the problem can’t get an answer n i make him disappointed, i don’t wish to but i have no idea what can i do, no mannual or guideline on what i m doing as well. i got to make notes when my senior demo some to me.

besides from not having sufficient knowledge on what i suppose to do, daily travel also a problem. honestly thing get bad after i move to klang whereby i m staying in my brother’s house. reason of moving because renting house isn’t a good solution, own house will be much more better than renting, do u agree? in between i m not familiar with the KL area if i m going to drive to work,therefore i have no choice but take KTM/LRT after i drive to certain KTM/LRT station.

perhaps i shouldn’t do what i m doing now as in IT field, it is not my choice but i m graduated from that. funny isn’t it? what can i be if i m not programmer? how can i support myself if i m quiting? what can i do without disappointing my colleague? lots of question but i have no answer for them.

……. STRESSSSS !!!!!!!!!



今天如以往搭LRT上班(公司的安排,所以得到jalan raja laut 的 EON上班),好远好麻烦但还须去.

最讨厌过马路 因车都不长眼睛,所以只好用行人天桥,原以为会安全, 但每次都战战兢兢的走,今天也是但却很倒霉因为被迫捐钱.但回头想想又觉得自己好笨!

心理只想赶快走完行人天桥,但都不知怎么那么倒霉遇到两个陌生印度男人向我说: GOOD MORNING. 礼貌上我就向他们微笑然后就往前走. 怎知其中一个回过头向我说: YOU ARE LUCKY, YOU WILL BE IN GOOD 
过后给了我一个红色的不知物,小小的一个,我不想要但他又硬塞给我,当时一个人在天桥,很怕所以一心向快打发他就只好拿了.怎知他又拿出相片向我显示那是他的神庙然后要我捐钱,以为给了一点钱就可以走人,所以给了RM10,但他却硬坚持一定要给三次,而我又只剩下3张RM10 及RM50, 所以很没理由及笨笨的给了他RM30.害怕的我快速越过天桥然后打电话给哥哥,他也说我笨然后要我把那红色的不知物扔了.
我怎么那么倒霉,那么笨,已经没钱了还须’捐钱’… 🙁 希望真的是捐给那个庙.



通常的反映是: 你也是这个名字,我好几个朋友也是一样哦!



我妈为了方便及避免罚写时会搞到哭哭啼啼,所以給了个说时普遍,写时特别的名字 –> 卉伶
就连英文也是汉语拼音所组成–> huiLing

Tiring Weekend

what a tiring weekend i had!!!
normally,my weekends, i’ll be sleeping, resting and enjoying the day but not this weekend.
after working for the last 5 days,i had to attend a banking training course yesterday. Eventhough the course is able to provide me with lots of information regarding banking, it was still kind of boring and the air conditioner was pretty cold..freezzzzing training!!!!
initially i thought i am able to be a sleeping queen today,who knows brother ask me to wash his new house before furniture can be fit in later on. i got no choice and had to drive to klang in the early morning eventhough i was still in sleep mode.spend my whole sunday in his house washing whole house until my hands so pain.. 🙁 don’t know have to moisturize by how much body lotion…all because of those paints,dusts and chemical.
petrol is already increased and yet i m consuming even more petrol due to the long journey..costly n tiring weekend!!!!


做豆腐赚钱的秘诀 :
–> 做硬了, 就卖豆腐干
–> 做稀了, 就卖豆腐花
–> 做太稀了, 就卖豆浆
–> 豆腐卖不动了放几天就可卖臭豆腐
–> 还卖不动就放坏了卖豆腐乳

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