Do you know what is PRIVATE PARKING?

Come to office in the early morning, got one bloody hell parked his car in front of our office lot. I am wondering, do people know how to park their car? or do they understand what is Private Carpark. This kanasai car park in front of our office and made me gonna pay to the shity DBKL coin machine. Have to slot in after every 3 hours!

Don’t park your super car in front of our office, unless you pay us a visit! Haha, again, may be can ask my colleague to print out an A4 paper with the word “Private car park, only for staff” and stick on the windscreen with UHU Gam 😛!

Watch out for Some asshole local company Employment

Last week, one of my friend went for a job interview and she got an offer from a VOIP dot com dot my fucking company. Basically, once you get an offer, they will prepare an offer letter for you. The salary that the so call bloody cheap CEO confirmed with her during the interview was RMx5xx, and the damn CEO ask her to collect the offer letter on the first day of work. Monday, it’s the first day she went to work, and she got the offer letter from the company. Damn, the salary offer during the interview and the offer letter given is totally different. Supposingly the offer would be RMx500, and now the offer is RMx350. Althought it’s RM150 lesser, but what the company promised during the interview is different now, how can we trust a company that didn’t give the offer he promise during the interview? So, I sugggest my friend don’t sign the offer letter. Sign or not sign? If for me, I felt cheated by that company, I will look for other job, there are a lot of job oppotunity out there. Why work for a company that didn’t do what he promised?

Furthermore, there is no bonus, no allowance, no medical care. What the fuck is going on? Don’t the company have the business ethic?

For fresh graduate, here is my basic guidelines, mean some basic question you need to ask. So you won’t get con by those bloody fucking company

Basic Salary
Fix salary offer by a company, not including allowance, why we must classified as basic salary, because 7%-11% of you basic salary will be deduct for EPF.

According to Malaysian Labour Law, 7%-11% of your basic salary must be allowcate for EPF. If you do not have the EPF account, you got to register one with KWSP or the employer will register for you. Basically, the employer HAS TO register for you. Beside that, employer will contribute 7%-12% for your EPF.

Socso will deduct from your basic salary, it also contribute by employer.

Some company might giving your petrol, laptop, handphone or reimbursement allowance.

Annual Leave
Minimum 14 days annual leave will be given for one year

Bonus or Share
Some company will be giving bonus or share in the end of the year.

Medical Care
Some company also given medical care to their employee.

and check out more info from Media Pekerja website

So, when you got the job, what should you ask? Ask them;
1. What is my BASIC SALARY?
2. How many ANNUAL LEAVE did I get?
3. Did I have MEDICAL CARE protection?
4. Is there any ALLOWANCE given?

Bonus or Share are not important, can skip that. If you work hard, sure company will give you bonus at the end of the year 🙂

Paul Wong v Paul Gilbert

Finally, Paul Wong “official” website is loaded with details, I hope it always have the latest news, so the website doesn’t look redundant. After Beyond disband, long time didn’t heard about Paul Wong news, except he voice in the last Hong Kong concert, “I am going to quit”. I think is a waste if he quit, he has the talent to compose good song and lyric! Paul, you should’t quit. Now you are with Hann, and I’m sure your bank is full with $$$, now is the time to make the music you like, no more pop bro… Pop doesn’t belong to you, I am sure you know what is your future road path is. I am always support you, buy original CD from, don’t waste my money :P, continue compose good music!

Paul Gilbert is on Asian Tour now!
June 30 Seoul, Korea
July 2 Beijing, China
July 3 Shanghai, China
July 5 Kowloon, Hong Kong
July 7 Taipei, Taiwan
July 8 Tainan, Taiwan
July 10 Bangkok, Thailand
July 13 Jakarta, Indonesia
July 15 Surabaya, Indonesia
July 16 Singapore, Singapore

Paul Gilbert, I can’t see you have schedule to MALAYSIA!!!!! It’s kinda sad, you plan to visit Thailand and Singapore, Malaysia is in between Thailand and Singapore, and you don’t even think of coming to Malaysia. So sad and disappointed… Nobody sponsor? How come nobody sponsor a good guitarist to Malaysia? sad sad sad…. Yahama Music or Bentley, do something please.. 😛

Dinner @ La Bodega with Pete Teo

Meet Uglymen Big Head – Ong Tai Suan. Now, currently I am located @ La Bodega, Bangsar… Waiting for Pete Teo to have dinner here. Ahhh.. what a great day, meeting friend.

Pete Teo, a very popular Malaysian Independent musician. You can get more info about him on google or his personal website. 3 Hours we in La Bodega, talking about music industry. Pete Teo shared his experience with us, tell us how his CD album sold without spending a lot money on promo. Beside that, he also share how Internet Technology helps him on CD sales.

Check out his website, and buy his CDs if you like his music, good musician need your support, and remember Jason Mraz CDs as well 🙂 Buy Original please, not pirated… If you continue buying pirated CD, YOU CAN’T LISTEN TO GOOD MUSIC IN FUTURE! A CD less than RM50 is not expensive, TALENT CAN’T BUY WITH MONEY! May be you can’t understand how pirated affect a singer/composer. You got to know, Music is their Career. It’s like you work as a Web Designer to earn salary. If your design is pirate/copy by some one, and people doesn’t appreciate your work anymore, HOW DO YOU FEEL???


Bloggin @ Subang, Starbuck

King – I am not sure why he called himself KING

send hdd back to IBM for replacement, the hard disk has the annoying “clicking” sound. After replace, still the same, wonder is it use to be like that or sometihng else. IBM restore and recovery system is great, I don’t need to re-install windows + software. I back it up to my external HDD, and after get the new HDD, and restore back the system from the backup. great! and now lim peh come Subang meet King, and online @ Starbuck blogging 🙂

Pappa Roti
Today, Alan bought Pappa Roti for us. At first, I said, “Wow… Roti Boy, nice… I like Roti Boy…”. After a while… Alan’s friend notice I din know that is not a Roti Boy, and he told me… “It’s not Roti Boy… It’s Pappa Roti…”

Oh gosh, sipek phai sei, I called it Roti Boy, but I really never heard of Pappa Roti. Anyways, thank Alan for the Pappa Roti, it’s is nice when I am hungry 😛 and I have an idea, new roti boy type shop name.. Roti Kia, Haha 🙂