Bluehyppo copy Netscape?

Has TMNet Bluehyppo copied Netspace’s logo as their website favicon? Even though it looks a little different, when I first saw the favicon it reminded me of Netscape’s logo. Bluehyppo Netscape If the favicon design is not copied from Netscape, why have they symbolized the favicon logo with an “N” and not a “B” on… Continue reading Bluehyppo copy Netscape?

Confusing TMNet Billing

I received my TMNet bill 2 days ago. I was confused how come it charged me RM122.71 when I subscribed for the RM88 package. Then I suspected it might be from my TMNet Hotspot? So I logged on to TMNet customer billing site, using firefox. I tried to retrieve my March bill, but it seemed… Continue reading Confusing TMNet Billing