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Chicken That Can’t Eat, Chicken Pox Day 3

I hate chicken pox, damn chicken pox. Why I don’t have it during my young child hood, it would be better, got grandma to take care, got someone to put lotion for me, got someone cook porridge for me at home.

Having chicken pox is really pain in the ass, especially you live alone. You can’t have nice bath, you can’t body shampoo yourself, you can’t wash your hair. You don’t dare to clean up your body with towel too hard, because you might afraid to burst that bloody pox pox chicken. You have to take extremely care during cleaning your body, that is the most hate part, you burst the pox, the damn scar will stay long life with you ever after.

Luckily, I have a nice housemate who could buy bread and 100 plus for me, also put himself in risk stay in the same house with me, bless my great disease don’t pass to him, else I will spoil his christmas plan.

Luckily, I have a lovely girlfriend and her family bring some stuff for me to drink and eat to make myself recover sooner. Also, thanks for colleagues in the office who shown your concern on my chicken pox, I will rest well and not to bring it to the office for you guys as christmas present. Also Sogua, I wish I got your DVD earlier so I can enjoy movie.

Beside sleep, drink more water, eat bread and shit, I can’t do other things. 1 week MC isn’t fun at all. Miss a lot of food. Doctor said I have to become 90 days vegetarian, which is good for me, may be I will join Chan as full time vegetarian.

Long live brotherhood Michael Lee Wei Pin, we have chicken pox at the same damn year!

Merry Christmas and Happy Chicken Pox.

When you have chicken pox, you will look like this;

Damn fsck right? But you got to experience it once in your great life 😀

p/s: lovely friends, i didn’t answer your call because i was having good dream with Bush, we talk about how to fight with chicken pox…

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Dear Leng Chai Paul,

In this day and age and you are still saying :: “But you got to experience it once in your great life”.
You don’t really have to. Have you not heard of the chickenpox vaccine!!!!
All the same get well soon and don’t go around infecting too many of those around you. : )

hi buddy,
Its my day ‘ of chicken pox and it feels terribly bad. Above all, I am living in students’s hostel and therefore I just cant move out of my room!! Feels horrible. Unfortunaely I had scratched the scars at three places on my face when I didnt knew that it was chicken pox. Currently the blisters at these spots are in process of drying up. but i am afriad that scars will be left afterwards. Is there I can do something about it? Will be great if you can let me know. I am indian living in Paris.

hi , can you tell me , after your chicken pox dry up , do u have any scar on your face or body ? How long it takes to disappear ? will the scar dissapear or foever on your body ? Please let me know it , because now i am having it. Reply soon . Thanks you

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