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Breaking News: Haze kills Malaysian

I want to die looo… look at the weather in KL!!

Today the weather is worse than yesterday. Walking to lunch, I couldn’t really breathe. What’s happening? Why is there no rain?
Now, (when) you walk on the street also got da bloody smell.. aii…

14 replies on “Breaking News: Haze kills Malaysian”

paul, you hope the clean air returns? dei, there never was any clean air – in this country – in the first place!!… it’s just that only now we get to see the pollution. previously we just breathe it.

the government doesn’t care if you suck in polluted air. it doesn’t care if you’re too sick work, study, etc. why hasn’t it carried out REAL cloud-seeding? why wait till it gets so bad? the Air Pollution Index (API) needs to be 500 before an emergency is declared!!?? when the API is at 300, it’s considered “extremely unhealthy and critical”.. so 500… dead and gone already lah… no need emergency then… need body bags.. hai, hai, hai…

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