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Compiling Tutorials

World Cup 2006 Was really busy in the past 2 months to push some freelance projects get done on time. Finally it come to a short break for me, having more time to do research and explore on IDS. Have written few tutorials recently, related to PHP, DB and also Unix simple backup/mirror transfer. Let me re-compile and post it shortly.

Will not work on any project from today until next month – June 2006, off for World Cup :P. One week more to go for World Cup 2006. Are you ready? Sorry I can’t hear you, Are You Ready?!!??!??!??!

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eh long time didnt bet Nasi Lemak liao
nowdays didnt eat Nasi Lemak liao,
my boss dun let us eat Nasi Lemak in the office
very weird ho?

i think it’s good for health la cuz i’m very fat liao

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