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Countries to Migrate with Lower Gas Price

Country USD/Litre
Malaysia 0.84
Bahrain 0.27
Brunei 0.39
China 0.74
Egypt (Cairo) 0.32
Indonesia 0.65
Iran 0.11
Kuwait 0.21
Mexico 0.62
Nigeria 0.10
North Korea 0.71
Qatar 0.22
Riyadh 0.12
Turkmenistan 0.08
UAE 0.37
Venezuela 0.05

I think I will go Venezuela, cause I am not sure where is Turkmenistan. Beside, girls in Venezuela is prettier… Don’t believe, look at the pictures below! 😀 But what job should I get there?

Again, Malaysia, as one of the oil production country in the world, price of the oil, gas is still expensive, HOW COME? Because it’s Malaysia, Truly Asia (what the fu*k is that?)

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