I started working at Cyberjaya. Cyberjaya, in one sentence; “It’s damn far from my house”. Travelling 100km/day and paying RM6/day for tols, petrol and tols really costs me a lot.

I find that the best route to Cyberjaya is from Duta. Any one of you reading this also travel from Duta to Cyberjaya??? At first, I was thinking of going to Cyberjaya by NKVE. But the tol costs alot, around RM4.40/trip. I have tried few routes.

Go to Cyberjaya (2-way trip)
Duta > Sprint > Seremban Highway > Serdang > Uniten > Cyberjaya

This route is in total – 51km, have to pay RM6 tol at Sprint exit and Serdang exit, no jam at all, smooth driving.

Duta > Hartamas > Phileo Dmnsara > LDP > Puchong > Cyberjaya
Total of the route is 45km, have to pay RM5 tol at Phileo, Puchong, Puchong Jaya. It’s jammed up at SS17, Damansara Jaya, Kelana Jaya, Sunway.

From both of this routes, I think the best to take is the first one. No jam, I think if I escape from jam, will save some petrol, better than jam in a bumper to bumper crawl. I think it will cost more petrol, even it’s a 6km difference.

If you know any short cuts, please share with me and other readers.

Besides that, the work place internet connection is extremely bad, it’s sad to have such badly managed/routed internet connection. My house connection is much better than that. Furthermore, have to online with TMNet Hotspot in order to get away from the Jana server firewall. Everything is blocked except http connection.

Now, I really appreciate TMNet Hotspot service, or else I can’t ssh to server, I can’t ftp to server, my vmware connection cannot work, I can’t smtp pop/imap to email, can’t online msn/yahoo to communicate with developers out from space, can’t even download any manual/zip/tar.gz online, which makes my life suck during working hours.

I love you TMNet Hotspot.

*p/s: alphademon and spoonfork said using corkscrew for ssh tunneling, but it lags extremely!

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  1. I’m in Melbourne now, used to work in Cyberjaya last time. Yea, i agree that its frustrating to be stuck in jams esp in LDP. One solution is to move to Puchong or Cyberjaya itself. Haha. Cheers.

  2. ok you can take this shorter route i know.. im sharing it with you only.. dont tell anyone pls..

    ok, from your hse, take the nkve and exit at sungai buloh toll then from there you make a u turn and get back to nkve and travel down to ipoh, once you’re there try the famous chicken rice and make a uturn again and head to penang and try the famous nasi ganja then make another uturn and get strait to your hse and sleep..

    there.. simple as abcdefg and 12345

    you’re fucked anyways.. there is no short cut!!!

  3. by the by paulie what time do you start work at cyberjaya anyways?…..i remembered when i was offered a job there with a certain company …they told me to be in the office by 6.00am…WTF!!!!!!!!!!….sure the pay is great but i think it would be stupid to be working there for 14 hours straights perday …the reason given was that 6.00am in malaysia is about 4.00pm in San Diego…and the company would like to have this video conference every morning to their headquaters…oi vey……in the end the trip to cyberjaya was already a daunting task let alone having to be there by 6.00 am!!!!!!….

  4. 以前我的一個笨蛋朋友教我的聰明方法
    take ktm/lrt/train/any railway transport
    then from the railway trasport station , that are buses to cyber/putra
    最少不不用給 tol + 賽車

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