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Decided to use short form D2WB and continue with D3WB, D4WB… Danny down today, sick and can’t come to work, KP is waiting his CN version beta test but failed, got to understand Danny is deep shit/sick.. so KP don’t curse him 😛

Throw 2 new servers in this morning, now is up and runing, got to configure with SOURCEware later today or tomorrow. Priority work is NPTimes. Oh ya, m4me also move into same rack + network.. 🙂

Telekom respond is fast, register phone line yesterday and they came to install this morning 11:30am. Next is to get Streamyx install before I move in.

Work as usual and there is few bugs fix for NPtimes, hopefully can get it done asap so I can switch delta back from cyber.

Feeling better today but still having cough…


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Boss not in also that rajin. Not bad! Really dedicated employees! Way to go! Paul, you seem like very busy these few days, right? So, ya setup my site when you are free lah. I will continue blogging at blogspot first. 🙂

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