Dinner @ La Bodega with Pete Teo

Meet Uglymen Big Head – Ong Tai Suan. Now, currently I am located @ La Bodega, Bangsar… Waiting for Pete Teo to have dinner here. Ahhh.. what a great day, meeting friend.

Pete Teo, a very popular Malaysian Independent musician. You can get more info about him on google or his personal website. 3 Hours we in La Bodega, talking about music industry. Pete Teo shared his experience with us, tell us how his CD album sold without spending a lot money on promo. Beside that, he also share how Internet Technology helps him on CD sales.

Check out his website, and buy his CDs if you like his music, good musician need your support, and remember Jason Mraz CDs as well 🙂 Buy Original please, not pirated… If you continue buying pirated CD, YOU CAN’T LISTEN TO GOOD MUSIC IN FUTURE! A CD less than RM50 is not expensive, TALENT CAN’T BUY WITH MONEY! May be you can’t understand how pirated affect a singer/composer. You got to know, Music is their Career. It’s like you work as a Web Designer to earn salary. If your design is pirate/copy by some one, and people doesn’t appreciate your work anymore, HOW DO YOU FEEL???

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