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Don’t Leave Laptop in Car

car bootA sad day, I received a call from my good friend, told me that his laptop was stolen at Sri Hartamas yesterday night. He placed the laptop in the car boot, the thief break the car windows, open up the boot of the car and steal the laptop

Please my friend, DON’T EVER LEAVE YOUR LAPTOP IN THE CAR / CAR BOOT. This is 4th of my friend laptop got stolen. The truth is, no matter you the laptop store in the boot or hide underneat the seat, covered with blanket or jacket, there is a detector to detect electronic devices in your car. Once the thief detected, they will try to break your car and take the laptop/handphone/ipod/other gadgets.

Case 1
My friend went to supper in the mid night, he left the laptop at the back seat and cover with jacket. After the meal, the laptop gone, car handle is broken.

Case 2
My friend went to restaurant take away food in the afternoon, she left the laptop at the back seat, she thought it will be ok because only took 5 minutes to order. Who knows, after 5 minutes the laptop is gone and car’s windows is broken.

IBM X40Case 3
My friend went to watch movie at Mid Valley, left the laptop in the boot. After movie, the car handle is broken, he immediately check the boot, laptop was stolen.

The most important stuff in the laptop is the data, once you lose it, the works is gone, source code gone, private stuff gone, even worst if you have private stuff like Tammy’s video, and self portrait nude pictures.

I have a bad habit, which I bring my laptop along whenever I left my car, going to 7-11 buy junk food, filling up petrol, buy SportToto/Magnum4D, collect document from friends or etc. I remember some friend teased I am proud/show off I have a laptop because I bring it along wherever I am, nah.. When you lose it you will know the pain.

Learn my bad habit. Does car lock/alarm helps?

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laptop is my life.
no matter where i go i must bring it along with me.
cannot leave inside car or anywhere that is not within my eye sight.

i think paul know i always hug my laptop 🙂

Sri Hartamas particular Desa Sri Hartamas is really a place where you have to be careful. I ve seen 2 people who lost their laptop there. one of them was my wife. No matter day or night…people being around… they can still do it. I heard its a well organized synd …some even driving big cars…

actually the “electronic device detector” could be bought at places such as Pudu (literally the electronic heaven in malaysia)…u could purchase a lot of weird devices there and most of them proginate from mainland china and they are really cheap…quality wise though is very much questionable but if you want this device …u might be lucky to see it there…

coming back about the laptops and thieves, two of my good friends had their laptop stolen since the past few years …one was at Sentul and the other one was at Sri hartamas as well …both of them left the laptop in the car and only after a few minutes …boom the laptops are gone ….

personally, i don’t like laptop due to the fact that it’s pricey and tend to have problems of overheating and worse still the parts cost mega bucks to buy them …just my opinion

aiya… sinbad, now only u tell us about hartamas… if only i knew earlier… now paul’s naked picture going to be distributed worldwide, on the web. eh SoGua… hug laptop when sleep? no wonder your laptop always sticky one lah…..!!! 🙂

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