Driving Marathon

Saturday, early morning woke up at 4:00am, morning call Dino. While waiting that fellow come to my house, he was having a real bad morning, car got bang by drunk a lady at a stopped traffic light! Oh man, you shouldn’t stopped at the morning of 4:30am at a zero traffic’s traffic light.

Start our journey, from 5am departed all the way to Penang meet up with geek00l; become delivery boy to deliver some “geek” stuff and unfortunately that “geek” stuff doesn’t works well and it has to deliver back to the brilliant buyer ;).

Arrived AS around 2pm had lunch and back home had a short nap. 7pm attended wedding dinner, after that had a good chat with dad until 2am morning, good night sleep. Woke up at 6am today, come back to KL and now heading to PD for company retreat.

Thats the real driving marathon, I have a good driver who drove my car from AS to KL only took 3 hours, LoL.

Hope will enjoy my company retreat. ciaozz!

p/s: streamyx not yet up at new home after 2 weeks of registration -_-

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