duplicate charge on credit card

上個月買了一個GMBooks.com , 關於d80的cd , credit card 公司不小心的charge了我兩次
我根據他們公司的insturction , fax 了點資料給他們
credit card 公司也連絡了GMBooks.com
今天 , 我收到了GMBooks.com 的mail , 內容大概如下

We were notified this morning of a “charge back” on your card account ending in 3832 in the amount of $56.45. You entered two purchases by mistake about two minutes apart. How would we know that you were charged twice without your contacting us and allowing us to rectify the mistake?

In the future please give the merchant an opportunity to credit your purchase as a “charge back” is like a black mark against us that can have future implications of our use of the credit card system.

Due to your going to the credit card company they will now issue the credit instead of us.

We hope you are enjoying your eBook.

William Dorich, Publisher

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