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Eating Habit

Fujor, after I posted the before and after pictures. I just realise how damn fat I am now, with the big tummy. Ao asked issit I drink beer? Ah, nobie, I don’t drink and don’t smoke either. I think also because of Eric san delayed work out plan.. He is a suckers!

Why am I so fat, I think is something to do with my eating habit. I must change, don’t junk so much, I stop chocolate now, my housemate too. Dude, we shall start changing our eating habit.

Drink Water
Drink at least 6-8 glasses of liquids per day and try to make at least 3-4 of these water. Water helps eliminate toxins, keeps cells healthy and improves the appearance and texture of skin. Dehydration reduces your ability to concentrate and to perform well.

Eat breakfast
Eating a healthy breakfast, such as cereal with semi-skimmed or skimmed milk and fruit, provides valuable nutrients and helps prevent unhealthy snacking later in the morning.

Take five
Aim to eat at least 5 portions each of fruit and vegetables per day. Make this easy by making fruit smoothies, vegetable soups and choosing fruit as a snack.

Watch your portion sizes
Larger portions encourage us to eat more when we don’t necessarily need the extra calories. Be particularly aware of this when eating out.

Taste what you eat.
Try the old maxim: ‘Taste what you eat and eat what you enjoy, and, when you stop enjoying, stop eating’. Often we eat habitually, not actually tasting the food we eat. When we really taste what we eat we may find that we enjoy what we didn’t know we did and, conversely, do not actually enjoy what we think we do. Really tasting the food we eat makes it easier both to prefer
appropriate foods and food quantities, and to give up inappropriate or inadvisable ones.

Go Wholemeal
Wholemeal bread, pasta and rice are more filling and contain more vitamins, minerals and fibre than white varieties.

Less Salt
Limit the salt in your diet to less than 6g per day (2.4g sodium). Avoid adding salt to cooking or at the table. Limit salty snacks and check how much is in processed foods (1g of salt = 0.4g of sodium).

Lean Meat
Meat is a good source of protein, iron and other nutrients, but, when eating meat, remove the visible fat and keep high fat products, such as sausages, beefburgers and salami, to a minimum.

Less fat
Reduce the amount of fat in your diet. Choose lower fat alternatives when possible and grill foods instead of frying.

Don’t feel guilty about snacking
Snacking on fruit, yoghurt, low fat milk shakes, a few nuts or sunflower seeds can all be valuable contributions to your nutrient, energy and fibre intake. It may also help to prevent you over-eating at meal times.

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