Why name@email.com?

I, you, we, they, he, she or it have thier own email account, and you can register free email account from Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Gmail and etc.

But have you ever think of why email is using alias @ but not name$domain.com, name*domain.com, name#domain.com? Haha, who invented @? and whois the first person who sent the FIRST EMAIL?

He is Ray Tomlinson;

During the summer and autumn of 1971, I was part of a small group of programmers who were developing a time-sharing system called TENEX that ran on Digital PDP-10 computers. We were supporting a larger group working on natural language. Earlier, I had worked on the Network Control Protocol (NCP) for TENEX and network programs such as an experimental file transfer program called CPYNET.

These first messages were sent in late 1971. The next release of TENEX went out in early 1972 and included the version of SNDMSG with network mail capabilities. The CPYNET protocol was soon replaced with a real file transfer protocol having specific mail handling features. Later, a number of more general mail protocols were developed.

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