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Finaly, Everything is ok.

Gosh…… Finally I got my laptop adapter RM115, new server motherboard RM400, new RAID Card RM300, new 120GB x 2 HDD RM700. What a bad week for me, took 3 days to make my wallet empty! Now is only early of the month….

But, it’s glad everything is on track now. Got to work hard and earn back the losses. Good experience on data recovery and hardware RAID. I got invest on a intermediate level – kind of RAID card, to cut down recovery time. In case there is HDD burnt again.

Basicaly, I wish weekend coming soon. Then I can rest and work on new server configuration. Probably will work on python programming next. There is an open source meet up tonight, the topics are FreeBSD Jail/Virtual Machine and Asterisk (PBX/VOIP open source). Beside that Ow is going to announce his “secret project” that I work with him. Everybody are welcome!

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Dude!!! I feel your pain.. I too am broke this month… RM810 for car repair (CASH) and then nearly 1K for some downpayment (on another secret) luckily via Credit Card.. and then all I’m left with for this month is RM95 in the bank. Sucks.

Maybe I should sell my Butt? hehe

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