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Flash or Not Flash on News website

There are always fight on website issue, wether to use Flash banner or not to use Flash banner. I did some research on a few online news websites last time, I found out most of them not using flash banner. I think i have posted previously regarding website look “cacat” on Linux/Unix box if they didn’t install player on their browser.

I do not mean that Unix/Linux cannot install flash player, can be install. But we should consider the bandwidth and load time constrains.

Banner, what is banner? It’s an online advertising channel. Why website banner? To deliver the advertisement to the user who surf your website and webmaster can make some $$$ lo. Flash banner is cool, animated, interesting, but now… when I am reading Malaysiakini, it really look like incomplete website.. 😛

Should we use flash banner? Bah.. I’m tired talking to them, nobody agree with me.. no point keep talking as the designer like flashing a lot. But do take some time check out CNN, CNBC, Soccernet, BBC, Businessweek and etc news website, do they flashing on their web heavily?

Flash plugin can’t load 😛

Advertisements missing, I can’t see the banner 😛

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Banners are evolving from normal GIF to Flash. If you compare pound for pound, you can have a whole lot more in flash than in gif. In terms of size, Flash is made to be used for web, thus making the size smallest possible. The factors that contributes to the large size comes from the designers knowledge. Pictures used should be cropped to the required size and not leave them as it is.

I’m a flash designer myself with 4 years experience. To me, other than the plugin, which nowadays most browser has them pre-installed, is no problem at all. I’ve surf thru a full flash site, the loading was ok, but the effect was spectacular..

flash banner or not …..well….to me …flash banner has usage and cons in this case i remember a couple of times when certain sites have flash banner that are literally enveloping the whole site …now these are what i call “offensive” flash banner and it’s very annoying ….flash banners should always complement a site rather than take the focus of it too much ….it should be “smooth” a form of transition in the reading habits of the reader of the site this is more apparent in news sites where the story/content of the page must take precedence over everything else including the banner hence a designer must take into considerationon how to “execute” his/her work without damaging the page.

one way that always most designer never realise is the proper usage of fonts and gif or static banner to make the banner stand out ….give it a thought….u’ll be surprised….

Like any typical web banner, Flash banner is an optimized animation banner to get higher chances to attract visitors. Well, I suppose a news-media company should not include much Flash banners, as saying it does annoying, as it concern on it’s news content. Web developer may seem much anticipated in web-features, add-on clickable working-things, web-customization … as saying again it does annoying. The world has many different characters, each visitor has different characteristics. Many does not like ad banners, and so many does not like add-on features, and so the content. For me, I don’t like blogging but I still writing here; I don’t like adverts, but I still seeing one here. People love to see what they want to see. What I suppose to mean, placing a banner does not really matter so does good features. Just a mind does matter after all.

i personally are much involved in web designing and development. i do agree with dr_shivan that it’s upon designer’s knowledge to fully utilize the capability of flash. if it’s done properly, it saves much bandwidth. nevertheless, not every who designs put bandwidth into consideration.

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