Paul-琮政 Life


Had lunch with eggman today, during lunch time, we have talked about “Focus”.

He told me that he did a lot of coding recently, caused him can’t sleep. When I met him, he was like not sleep for more than 48 hours, so I think he was too focus on his work.

I have the same problem last time, when I was rushing a project for dateline, it’s not that I do not want to sleep, but then you keep thinking the algorithm of the software. During that I still remember, I was sleeping, I dreamnt I am doing coding in my dream and found the way to write the coding, and I woke up.

Too much coding won’t caused you cannot sleep, it’s you are too focus on the thing and it keep spining in your mind.

Focus, don’t focus too much if you don’t have date line to meet la 😛