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FTEC Laptop – SUCK

My friend, who bought a FTEC laptop 2 months ago, right after he bought the laptop, the screen screwed up. Yes.. Right after mean after he took out from the box and power on.

So, he went to change a new one and plan to resell online. After the changed, he never open up from the box, until yesterday.. He decided not to sell because can’t get a good buyer, and today.. What happened? New model, out from the box, the screen screwed up again!

LoL.. FTEC, Amber Chia endorse, oh yaa.. My friend bought the laptop because of Amber Chia is FTEC endorsee, he love Amber Chia… then now his wallet screwed up 😛

FTEC also awarded Malaysia Super Brand product.. Haha.. I think Malaysia Super Brand council has to reconsider the award, else I am wondering how the Super Brand Council measure the so called _Super Brand_ products.

If you ever think of buy FTEC laptops/products, please think twice before you throw the money. I recommend you buy IBM/Powerbook/iBook! 😛 I do recommend my friend that, but he is so in love with Amber..

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FYI guys.. the local laptop such as FTEC, BlueDot, Natsys are came from China. The ‘barebone’ of those brand are exactly the same.. it is OEM.. they buy big bulk ‘barebone’ from China, & the put their brand name on it..even the sticker also or emblem are cheap quality.. trust me.. it’s true.. but the processor, ram & HDD ofcoz it is well known brand.. it is cheap, but not worthy.. well, these local brand will never be the same like HP or Dell…

no one says :”Imagine if IBM notebook warranty claim, and i put in my office store for 1 month, then after i month i decide to send over, do you think that IBM can make the warranty claim in 1 month? Think about it.”

i m so pretty awake by this statement. i m also a technician and i been working for more than 10 years, i am wondering his technical skill in hardware implementation by his statement,
i own 4 ibm laptop b4 and i shall say i m very satisfy with the service they provide, few cases, and i stay in ipoh, i got my dvd writer claim by nation wide express direct call in to kl 1800 toll free numbers and my new drive arrive one to one swap within 24 hours or 36 as i cant recall much, the new Lenovo, a buy out from china giant doesnt change their quality, in fact if u dare to open up the whole laptop inside, u will find hundred of quality chips and transistor that built inside. even the screw they use to close the laptop is made of demagnetised metal to avoid current flow or short circuit.
full manual to dissemble the whole laptop is in their website, i never seen any else brand that had this. the latest model they had got roll cage, believe it or not , such a beautiful engineering
back to ftec, it made by large clevo taiwan company, moulding plastic that last not more than 4 to 5 years and it will crack, ask me really, i open a lot lot crack old clevo notebook before, and their most popular one is the long tube battery that powered pentium3 500mhz (kwsp scheme laptop). that where their money came from.
do tell me one thing . go to and u will see 30 pages new model laptop for sale, that 30 model, they cant even keep up with what model they sell, my customer just bought one model two month ago and it dont even listed in the driver support there, in the end i got to hybrid match all the driver, i could do it, trust me it not easy. and by time 2008, i have made survey and i notice branded notebook price even cheaper than ftec model, u guys should open more eye instead of the advertisement gimmick. below are my grade for brand of notebook

alienware- not much in malaysia know abt it, expensive BTO by US. go watch die hard4, u seen them taking around

panasonic- the best and tough- expensive

fujitsu-beautiful and tough too-mild price now, internal system diagram very systematically

ibm-lenovo- ugly look but the inner really beauty- made of gold- never regret owning it but some model have battery issue(thanks to sony cell)

toshiba- recent drop grade as price fighting, most favorite among chinese community,mild price but sucks slow rate download for driver support, headache model finding too, overall a good notebook to own for years

hp- upper class of compaq- truly, it may last 3 year so on

compaq- beautiful but…recent model very dissapointing, hardware always causing failure especially grade b mobo (most headache if u have amd turion, god bless ur heat issue)

sony vaio- beautiful slim- expensive- worst battery life i ever seen-many cases below one year “kong” and .. u will never find driver online, so god bless u, unless u pro in hybrid finding driver

twinhead- still better than acer but also lack of online support and also another aka clevo BTO

acer- asia most favorite as cheap- not seeing cheaper recently as compare to other-grade b mobo with non solid casing(easy to crack)- battery very cheap though(good)-easily smash when lightning strike-the best charging adaptor they had as it never gone wrong most of the time haha

that the most brand i touch everyday.. there no perfection either, but ftec is really a no no

hehe it me again, i forgot asus brand, moderate pricing plus same issue never solves after so many years from first day launch in notebook manufacturing, their touchpad sometime halt , some story from i/o from battery and mobo, it run most well when not charging, all model, yes all model
so long…

Anybody can tell me what grade is Asus computer A,B,C or recycle bin type?

I had Sony VAIO Cr22, i bought last dec 2007, but i decide to but another mini notebook ASUS was launch last year for my wfe. Small notebook ASUS eeePc, 7″ lcd screen (RM1xxx) run Windows XP. The spec almost same with small notebook fujitsu 7″ lcd screen, but the prise 1/3 of fujitsu notebook (RM4xxx).

1) I buy this laptop becouse its the cheapest compare to fujitsu (RM4xxx) & sony (RM7xxx) mini laptop. 2) It small and light (+- 900g) and easy to carry, can put in small bag or handbag. Con:
1) Its cheap becouse made by taiwan company (but most product made by asus is hardware, mainboard@motherboard, most laptop computer used asus motherboard).
2) The lcd screen not very bright and the battery very fast to leak,cooling system not very good, the heat can feel on the keypad.
3) It used SSD (SSD more stable compare to HDD) but the space very minimum only 4Gb, 2.x Gb for Win XP only left 1.x Gb for other applications.
4) Overall finished (keypad number/text and body *plastic* not very attractive).
5) I dont know how relaible that computer??? but till now still ok & not giving any problem.

I still give 5 stars to IBM, becouse my 1st Laptop is 2nd hand (refurbish) note book from USA- IBM Thinkpad 600E (Alloy@Aluminium casing), Pentium II 366 Mhz 6GB HDD 128 Byte RAM .
I bought in 2005 (6 years old laptop-made 1999) and used for 3 years (now already 9 yrs old) laptop still OK no PROBLEM at all. It run Windows XP without any problem and very stable but slow for Big application, its ok for my children for typing Assigmment and small education application.

When IBM + Legent (China Company) its Lenovo brand not attractive as original IBM. Lenovo body finished look very *plastic like*, no more like IBM.

hey don`t buy latop if u cannot buy problem got sometime i have problem problem widesreen . widescreen cannot change new widesreen . i thing want small laptop asus very very speed price rm4,ooo .i don`t buy laptop acer . i thing acer problem sometimes . i want asus laptop not problem asus give probelm haha haha . I in malaysia

All saleman try to find fault in their opponet brand…………..haa tha is bad

Tell what is Good in Your Computer dont free advetise for other by popularizing their brand
If you really have complain comlain to the company themselves

Most Bussiness Bussiness Cheat . Example Swiss Garden Holyday time share sell for 30 year
charge yearly maintainance fee for RM 300 and yet you hardly can get 2 room of your 14 room per year . Giving all sort excuses………….so maintainance fee is helping to maintain their cheating.

Inspite of that they continue to sell even though they cannot service.

SO DONT BUY PROMISES like 10 year gurantee,3 your gurantee, 1 year gurantee this are elusive promise. So a Insurances lucky draw and tenyeh (rub) and menang kereta !!!
You end up buying something you do not really need.

THAT IS BUSINESS IN MALAYSIA ——-Mostly Malay got cheated as the naif or straight forward or too much wish full thing or thei honest up bringing as a Muslim in Kampong where cheating not a culture as in the Cities :where survival is for the schrewedest and cunning most.

I have problem my laptop. i buy last 6 month. now have problem my widescreen got sometimes light problem. so i want sala my laptop acer 4310 windows vista intel celeron, 80 GB . got wireless . so i want sale . in the ipoh

hei u raja . my tinu raja i talk u want buy asus rm 4,000 . after 1 month got problem small asus . my friend ask me want buy asus. so he buy asus .so he got problem asus. enough what u acer. I buy laptop brand acer 4310 last 6 month i buy 2,000 . same your widescreen same la my laptop acer.

I buy laptop acer 4310 last 6 month .I have widescreen problem light sometimes light problem. So i want sale acer 4310 got HHD 80 GB , wireless . got windows vista i sale Rm1,000 . I the ipoh

i use FTec now… T_T
When I buy this FTec laptop for 1 month, got problem!
The movement of the mouse and the function and also the song was stucking there when using….
then i went for the FTec centre asked them.
But when I look on their face, seem like already normal. I think MANY or ALL people got this problem!
when the lapyop was ok… few week later.. AGAIN!!!!
I hate it!

Hey paul,
accidentally found out ur blog when i seach for FTEC laptop
I”m using 8260 series since 2005 ( bought it from PC fair)
It has been almost 3 yrs. Nothing happen. Yes. Is nothing.
and i’m still using it. I use it to play online games, movie, and lots more.
I on it almost 10 hrs a day, and is still nice and handy.
Don think is sucks. Mayb ur fren is jus a unlucky 1.
Think is worth to bought it.
My fren who use my laptop even say dat it is much more faster then his brand new ACER laptop
I think is depends. I never undergo any service mentainance since i bougt it.
So, is good

By d way, I’m yoke yin’s SMP classmate. Seen u before. But i don think u noe me
Haha. Saw ur photo then only i noe dis Paul is u.
Good Luck

i bought ftec laptop a month ago…juz use it for 2 weeks, cannot log into vista…brought it to service centre and they say need to reformat…they say 1 day can fix…2 days later i called to ask if my laptop is ready but they say the hard disk is broken so hav to replace for new one,meaning hav to claim from warranty and wait another 1 week…a week later,called them again they say warranty hav to wait 3 weeks…damn.. the initial problem was software n i donno how my hard disk can be broken as i handle the laptop with care and i’ve just used it 2 weeks…and why hav to wait that long for warranty??my laptop kena tahan in service centre is longer than i’m using it..
so,ftec service is so lame…3 years warranty,so wat?the product also low quality…technician,the worst…small problem, they can make it into faulty hardware…huh!!

Dear msa;
Your model is FTEC W2 8031, driver is available on In future if you need support of drivers you can write to

Dear duNo;
You can send it to below address for warranty claim if still under warranty.
G.02, Ground Floor, Lot 4A, Wisma Academy, Jalan 19/1, 46300, PJ, Selangor.

Thank god i had ‘accidentally’ found this web site. I am planning to buy laptop and ftech was in my list. I will certainly not considering it after reading all the comments from you all. It is true that not all untis are with problems but looking at the issues brought up in year 2005 and is still happening in 2007 and 2008. That, at least to me, ftech does not seems to have learn from their past experience in improving thier product.

oh man, I am late for the party. This model that I am having now the W2 X3851 not even existed in FTEC’s website. You’ll be in the big headache if looking for the drivers. Agreed with others, FTEC sucks!

yes they suck. some of their models have inadequate cooling and cause modem/wireless/touchpad to fail after long periods of use. their models all come from china. u should see the OEM boxes they throw out and then repackage in their FTEC box 🙂 assembly time of a barebones notebook by 1 technician is between 5mins-20mins (depending on model) and last i checked, no burn-in tests are done 0_0. You could get D.O.A parts in your notebook… not good. Check behind ur notebook for the OEM model and good luck in getting the drivers u need. W2 X3851 – well let’s just say it is not known as that in China 😉

i’d been using FTec W2 Series 8260 for the past 3 yrs, no problem so far, only that recently the DVD rom been undetected for few time..

hey guy, i also facing some problem for FTec, currently the sound having some problem, sound too low, cant heard, and some time if i turn angle totally no sound will appear,
anyway, talk back the main point, i just formatted, currently i need to find back the driver for

W2 series-8260 Graphic driver

is that having any idea? can you all provide me a link for me to download? may i know wat version of graphic driver it use? if any information pls email me,


for tension girl,

this is the link for you to get back your driver

Sorry but F-Tec lap top’s SUCK. Their customer service is just as bad and anyone who say’s they never had problems should count themselves LUCKY. I made a big big mistake in purchasing an F-TEC and I am still stuck with the piece-of-shit I bought in 2004.

It has no bloody value and I have been trying to get rid of it since the day I bought it. The CD Rom drive was giving problems from the day I bought it and brought the lap top back 2-3 times within the first year and kept getting told I was downloading too many files that infected my pc with a virus which wasn’t the case because I only used the lap top for presentations.

The other STUPID problem with my f-tec was the inability to LOCK the mouse pad when once is typing. I type fast and you can imagine how fustrating it is trying to type a document with NO lock for the mouse pad.

Anyone who says f-tec is good value for your money has probably had their head in the sand for far too long and are not aware of the problems this brand has with its products.

i’m also used the Ftech brand..the problem is at the charger..
so anyone know where i can find the new one charger?

who got a driver for ftec 8.9 smartbook, they didnt have the driver on thier website, i have to use another software driver to get them, but its not enough and not all are relevant, i updated to service pack 3, suddenly my fn key or shorcut key doesnt work anymore, damnit..i need a driver for this, if got can email me at

thanks regards for those who helping

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