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Gen2 + Savy = NEO?

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well…let’s hope this car can salvage proton out of the firepits…..thus far the only proton car that i would buy and drive with confidence is the iswara…looks like a tank and move like light strike vehicle …the look of the neo is there …so is the gen 2 but now the people are looking at quality as well as looks …(i know…buy BMW…get out of malaysia,bla,bla,bla….)…but seriously how long do we have to pay premium prices for cars that are of questionable quality …..(comments: bla,bla,bla….get out of malaysia)…just my 2 cents

i went to take a look at the car just now
its actually not bad, apart from the exhaust in the center 😕
from one of the guys there, this NEO is more stable than the GEN2
even the 1.3 AT is good enough for a car with power
price is around RM49000 and above though

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