GoMeebo Button

I was an all time Meebo favourite user. Meebo has allowed me to turn on all my messenger during the time I worked with a company that block everything except http connection.

With Meebo, on a browser, you can sign on to ICQ, AIM, Jabber, GTalk, Yahoo and Messenger at the same time. You doesn’t have to download any software, just launch yours favourite internet browser, log on to Meebo website and sign in with your messenger accounts’ username.

Recently Meebo has launched GoMeebo button. If you like Meebo, share it with your friend, put the logo on your personal website like journal or blog or signature in the forum. Spread it and share it 🙂 Guys who can’t on messenger in college, now you Meebo!

3 replies on “GoMeebo Button”

aiya…!! i thought this web site can pass through Mell proxy…..But fail….:( .So can’t chat with u loh…. alot of thing want to ask u.hehehe… two week got come bek bo…?? July 10 holiday mah….we go cameron lah….but cb king go bek alor star…her mom birthday woh…..

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