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Gong Xi Fat Cai

yes.. both of my eyes are red now, I am seeing angpow coming to me, I am seeing money is coming into my pocket.. damn, am i that si lui bin? well, time flies, sekelip mata already been a year. i still remember i took long leave last year before chinese new year, because of clearing my leaves and jumping into new company. which mean I has been with the new company almost 1 year. and one mutha fuckha is going to leave me in march. he is sucks. a sucker that will leave all the work to me and the mahjong lady.

driving back tomorrow after work, it gonna be a jam day, a very damn jam day. again, got to slave for g33k00l, hope this year not going to get any traffic summon, i will drive 200km/h, catch if you can, lamer who hide behind the trees.

Gong Xi Fa Cai.. Fat Cai for fat people like me… Have a good break!

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