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Hack In The Box Conference

This year, Hack In The Box Conference is on 26th – 29th Sept 05. There are 6 trainings for the conference;

TECH TRAINING 1: Web Application – Attacks and Defense by Shreeraj Shah Founder/Director, Net-Square Consulting

TECH TRAINING 2: Exploiting & Defending Networks by Nish BhallaVP Consulting Solutions, Security Compass

TECH TRAINING 3: War Driving Kuala Lumpur by Anthony Zboralski (Gaius), Founder Hackers Emergency Response Team (HERT) & Jim Geovedi, Information Security Consultant PT Bellua Asia Pacific.

TECH TRAINING 4: Packet Mastering The Monkey Way by Dr. Jose NazarioSenior Software Engineer, Arbor Networks and Marius Eriksen Software Engineer,

TECH TRAINING 5: Digital Investigations: Practical Digital Forensic Analysis by The Grugq

TECH TRAINING 6: Hacking By Numbers: Guerilla Edition by Christoff Breytenbach

I have registered Tech Training 1 + Conference. Join me and meet hackers-hackers in Malaysia 🙂

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