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California Fitness
Max – Da dino late for our schedule, our plan was meeting with Max and Eric at Bangsar LRT at 7:15am, then go to California Fitness to workout. But then my friend Max reach Bangsar LRT station around 7:35am, when the time we get to california fitness was 8:05am. We miss the breakfast session because of him. Hope he can make it earlier tomorrow morning. Haha, sound healthy for us? Wake up 6:30am in the morning get our ass to Mid Valley to workout? Heheh, hell of… my stomach/tummy is getting bigger and bigger, I just want to do some exercise, no more street soccer or futsal for me, because hard to match time, and my time is really bad, I have unfinish works all the time. So I decided go to workout in fitness center 🙂

Stupid games

Friend forwarded me some stupid games, a game to make yourself happy when you are down.
Slap the balls
Nothing to say, but play

People of the day

Lin with star war pose 😉

what’s so intersting huh? must be emoticon :p

Eric Kawaii pose

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yo Bro.. it’s seem like late is much more better than someone else FFK din’t turn up at all this morning.. dare to complain me somemore.. but anyway .. this morning i was late too..

hahaha…you really put up photos like siao liao, when we first got the camera I laso shoot like mad, now? don’t know why finger become so lazy…
good, go work out, otherwise got “desktop tummy” (a tummy can put a notebook).

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