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How to black listed MLM/WMW people in your mobile phone

Have a short chat with Phil, we are discussing about throwing $$$ MLM people, which always call us non stop. Sometime it’s very anonying. Throw $$$ mean they ask you take out money and find friend take out money and wait for money to come. By the way, MLM that no need to sell product is not MLM… it’s MWM(Money Wait Money) 😛

Let me teach you how to avoid talk to them, as you know those people in MLM already brain washed by their upline, they will not giving up to call you until they get rejected for more than 50 times or sometime more than that.

For the first time, you got to catch up with them, normally is mamak… if you want some dinner, please go.. have a free dinner @ mamak, I am sure they are please to spend you at the mamak. So you just sitting there listen their “presentation”, after the presentation, some which is more Pro will ask you fill up a form or whatever… Nevermind, fill up for them, or sometime they will fill up for you.

So, you gotcha dinner and you definately sure don’t want to join those throw in money and wait thingy, let me tell you, this world no free lunch, the people who earn is in the early stage or on top on the pyramid network. ok.. continue.. how to avoid these people?

They will always call you right? At least twice a week! What I normally do is, in my mobile phone, there is a thing call “GROUP”, so rename to group to MWM, add the talented MWM into the group. Ringtone select which one? Duhhh.. still want me teach me… SILENT that one laa 🙂

This method tested and work well with Nokia Handphone and I would like to take this opportunity shout out clearly and loudly “Please don’t invite me to MLM/Direct Sale, I hate it very much”, thank you 🙂

p/s: The article is not offence MLM company like Amway, Cosway, Neway. But I am really sick with those WMW people… chills.. if you are true MLM business, no offence right? 😛

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