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Human Being

Some people, when they become rich, I mentioned “Some” and not all, their attitudes become very vulgar, uneducated, unrespectable, demoralising to others and dot dot dot dot dot with very bad attitudes. While they talk to you, they call you things like bugger, idiot, moron, retard, bastard or the way they talk to you is just like talking to an animal.

I always wonder how come this kind of people can be at the top. They do not know how to respect their staff, how do they expect the staff to respect them? It’s so funny when you listen to them talking that way, you’d think they are like a small kids, talking without filter from the brain.

They and us are also humans, how can they talk to us like that? Is it because they have more money and more power than we do, so they have the authority to treat us like that? Frankly, dealing with this kind of persons, if they don’t respect me, I won’t give a damn about them. No matter how successful or damn rich they are, they are just a pieces of shit and/or jackass.

It’s just a job. I am a talented person, if you don’t appreciate me, others people will. Other people have more good-will than you. Other companies can provide me better offers than you, jackasses. Don’t think that just because you are rich, I am your bitch.


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paul seem like facing something??!!
just don’t bother them, u are living because of urself not because of them!
without them, u are still MR PAUL whom i know 😉
but y wanna let those persons to be rich?money should come to me so that world will have extra rich yet good person 😛

May be some of u guys can let it be, but I hate people who don’t respect me when I didn’t do anything wrong with it.

It’s not angry, but this is a message to pass to whom may become rich, and don’t have such fscking attitude 🙂

working world is full of craps. but i’m a bit lucky cos i didn’t go thru and haven’t gone thru what you’ve kena-ed yet. but really if one day i kena, guess i’ll be showing the middle finger. i dun give a fark cos it’s not the only company in the world. even if kena blacklisted in kl, go pg work nehhh :p if pg also cannot, try elsewhere. the world is like this HUUUGGGE, mmmkay? now you see the reason why i stop working and rather hide at the corner of the world. bite me! :p till then, keep on struggling hard and hope to see you on the other side of the world 😀

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