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I am back

I am back with English postings. It’s not exactly a come-back but I have started posting in English due to a request from my Indian Brother in UK who wanted to read and understand what’s been happening to me recently. Besides that, a graphic guru in my ex-office also can’t read mandarin. Furthermore, my mum started to learn how to go online, and browse my little blog here, and she also can’t read mandarin.

All in all, I’ve come back with my english post, and my english teacher also has to spend some time proof-reading my badly written ing-lish. Thanks buddy.

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Welcome back my friend!

hehe. Just a minor correction here.

Mandarin is the national standard spoken language of China. So, Mandarin cannot be written.

great to see that u are still around my little grasshoper…..hheehehe…and thanks for going “english” the last time that i went to your site i really had a hard time just to know whats going on ….”Wo Bu Dong Hua Yu”….oi vey…

anyways, i hope that u keep it up cause i always find your site cool and very zen like in mannerism ….

cheers kiddo

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