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I want Project! I need Developer!

Takizo Furniture Shop Sdn Bhd, the boss is looking for a company to design his shop’s website. He tried to hook up with some local web design companies. He is confuse now, different company has offered him different packages and services. Well, for a boss of a furniture shop, he doesn’t know what is CSS, Flash, Animation, Template, Email Hosting, Web Hosting and Search Engine Optimization. Beside that, the range of web design quotations are from as low as RM450 to as high as RM15,000. It’s confusing isn’t it?

Paulie Ooi, a website developer works with Macrosoft Sdn Bhd. He designed and developed 75% of the website projects that belongs to Macrosoft Sdn Bhd. He is frustrated; Even though, he has worked with Macrosoft for more than 5 years, the salary increment is only 5% more than the day he started work. Every project he done for the company, there is no commission given to him. If he is the one who did the projects, why not he becomes freelance and get project direct from the companies? He can’t! Because he is not a business minded person.

An owner of the furniture shop is confuse with the price and range of services. A developer who did all the job which have the potential to become self-employ, but have not idea where to recruite project. Then I have a recommendation.

Bid4jobVisit, a local web portal offers the services for freelancer to post their services and skills; and also allow buyer like Takizo Furniture Shop to get a freelancer develops the website. It’s now free to register and try out the services.