Paul-琮政 Life

I Will Google You

Google – Recently, I notice people around me like to Google for profile.
For an example, when someone l33t came for an interview,
After that someone will Google him/her, to find out what’s his/her profiles on the net.

If someone who google me and look into my profile on the net,
the chances of me getting the job would be 0.01%.

Why? Because you can search a lot of lame stuffs that linked to me.
Don’t believe? See it by yourself,

Especially this result, drunk n00b.
If somebody wanted to buy a cheap laptop.
May be somebody would like to check out TMNet Streamyx service in Malaysia
Would like to know who is TMNet CEO(Ex-CEO).
Getting co-location information in Malaysia
Not Happy with local ISP
Some China man looking for make love pictures
Or some n00b looking for tips to call TMNet Support

The best part is if you plan to visit Malaysia, and use Google to search for Visit Malaysia 2007 information, congratulation, you have chosen the right search engine!

Thanks Google. You rocks!