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Intel MacBook Is Coming To Town

La La La… Intel Macbook is coming to town? Some of my friend is confused between MacBook and MacBook Pro. When I mentioned MacBook, they thought it’s MacBook Pro. Actually MacBook is an upgrade version is Apple iBook runing Intel processor.

Poor people like me cannot afford to buy a RM8,000-RM10,000 MacBook Pro. So, in order to have a taste on the lastest Intel Apple. I either afford to buy Mac Mini or Mac Book. Mobility is my major concern. So IF I am afford to buy, I definately go for Mac Book ;).

Heard that Apple is going to announce the availability of Intel Based MacBook on 9th May 2006. Sit tight and wait for the annoucement. 😀

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i don’t find it any great. 🙂 i rather buy a copy of x86 macosx. going to install 1 now. 🙂 just bought my 3rd 250gb sata for this purpose.! 🙂

i fiddled with it when it came out in australia. pretty impressive i’d say. well i dun think macbook pro is that mobile.. if you want mobile.. err.. go powerbook 12′. apple notebooks aren’t the lightest in the market but they look sleek alright. 🙂

yeah i think the price’d be somewhere aroun rm8500-10,000. even with a student discount card, (After converting to RM), the cheapest macbook pro i can get is like Rm7790. Sigh… no $$

but i suggest if u guys are wanting to get the macbook pro because of running windows, wait till like probably august. leopard os will be out by then, and i think tat’s when apple’s officially supporting the dual boot thing.

seng: good luck with your x86 mac os x (if such a thing exists for non-mac hardware).

paul: be prepared to spend around 5k (for more ram, and a new bag — your current bag sure won’t fit one!)

I will wait slightly longer for the next MacBook Pro. wwdc beacons, and i have just received my invite (if time and budget allows, i should go attend it… sigh…)

But you won’t regret getting a Mac. whatever flavour.


jerryWho: i have done the installation. it is running pretty slow within vmware, about 20% of my original amd64 power. by the way, don’t you know that mac osx is based on freebsd kernel which can be compiled into various cpu architectures.? 🙂 the latest mac runs intel core duo mobile cpu. 🙂

yup. it is x86-32 bit binary cpus “insided”. 🙂

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