4 Replies to “Does car lock/alarm helps?”

  1. That break-in was done by louses. I was at carfour when this guy sed he can demonstrate how useless are the safety features of my car. He used a thin metal ruler, slid it into the window, and opened the door. Turned off the alarm in the next 5 seconds or so. In the next 7 SEVEN seconds, he used a simple 3-pronged wire to start the engine.

    12 seconds maybe. Not more than 15 for the whole act, all in front of my
    eyes. I was laughing. We have nothing to prevent them from driving away with our cars. Its just a matter of a few second delays.

    Happy driving.

  2. when i had first bought my iswara five years ago, the proton salesman told me that there are 27 ways to break into a proton and went on to show them….

  3. haha.. fauwaz. i totally agree wat u replied above!~ guess what.. there was once my fren lock his proton in front of my house.. and the key left inside.. and tht time i heard another fren of mine said it can b done by a ruler.. yes.. just simply a ruler!~
    so i gave it a try .. guess wat ? tht’s my very first time to open a car door without key.. it only take me 10 second.. in fact less than 10 seconds!!! don’to believe?? drive me your proton.. free demostration.. hehe
    what to do? myself alsos driving proton… sigh~

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