It has been 14 WORKING DAYS!

It has been 14 working days.

In 14 working days, we could have done a lot of things.

For travel, we can travel to Hong Kong for 5 days 4 nights, then travel to Vietnam 5 days 4 nights, come back to Malaysia, rest another 4 days, and get back to work.

For work, I can develop a content management system, fair enough to get the backend 50% done with symfony framework. Or I can do 10,000 lines of code with a lot lot debugging and troubleshooting.

In 14 working days, TM’s CEO Datuk Wahid can travel around Europe and close 1 or 2 multi billion business sales. After that, can also enjoy massage or SPA for 2 days.

In 14 working days, KFC could have made a million for their business in Malaysia. KFC advertisement could also air on Hitz.FM for more than 50 times.

In 14 working days, mamak selling rojak that ride motorbike can make about RM1500 for his “rojak” business.

In 14 working days our telco engineers could have tested 14 leased lines in 24 hours, complete loop back from end to end, site to site.

In 14 working days, Pak Lah can go around the Malaysia and give a good talk. Same as Mahathir could have rest well at home. And to Samy Vellu, he could have passed by Smart tunnel for 28 times!

In 14 working days, streamyx users could have been used up 1/2 month of their internet broadband usage.

14 working days are 1/2 of our month passed by and another week will be a pay out day.

But, for my case, 14 working days, TM still haven’t jumpered my streamyx line. Day by day, I called them, they keep on give me the same “solution”. “Tomorrow evening, turn on your modem, see wether your DSL light is on?”. Everyday, after work, I got home, pray to Guan Yim, pray my internet line is okay, is ready, is jumpered, is gao dim-ed, sudah bolehed. But this TM disappointed me day by day, week by week. And this TM is not bloody sure how the internet is so important to me, basically it ruins part of my life.

Basically TM wasted my 4 hours everyday to do my own work and browse some “movies”. Let’s calculate only working days, it wasted 64 hours of mine to do work and watch some “movies”. Weekend doesn’t count! Which is Saturday and Sunday, discount on that, allright?

Then come to the calculation part, calls I made to TM, every time I called TM, minimum, please mind my word, “minimum”, minimum I have to spend 10 to 15 minutes on the line, if some time I get lucky, I just need to spend 20 minutes on the line. I can even sambil watch Astro and telephone TM.

Ok, practice, even in my dream I also dreamt I called TM. Start with the “Sila tekan Satu Untuk Bahasa Malayu, Please Press Two for English.” After that, continue with “Sorry, all our customer agents are busy… bla bla…” Then after that, listen to the song, “We are great, we are good.. bla bla bla…”. After that, finally, or thanks Guan Yim, if you are lucky, in 5 minutes, someone may pick up your line, even me also know what they will say when first pick up the phone. “Selamat petang, terima kasih telefon ke TM.. bla bla bla”. After that, what happened? I give them my report no., this is the best part, they will take about another 5 minutes to read my ticket, because my case is Superb, too long, too many escalations. In the end of the conversation, they will say, “Please check your line tomorrow, it should be ready”. When I asked, “Are you sure? Because this is the 11th time I heard this”. “Not sure sir, but you have to check, if it’s not ready, please call back to us.”

Oh your flower mother and your father daddy chicken pox! Return call return call, you think calling you guys is fun is it? Calling you guys is free of charge is it? I really don’t know what the up hill are you guys doing, I have been a very very kind and generous TM’s user all this while, paying the bill on time, sometime I even pay 1 month earlier, never been late, never at all. Then you mother father serve me like a chicken pox.

TM, Merintis Kemungkinan. What a chicken. Tomorrow I am going to terminate one of my streamyx line. Thanks Datuk Wahid for having the best team in Malaysia. Kerana-mu, we are a failure users.

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  1. hahahah 我领教过了。When i tranfer my line to another address,u know how long it take? Is 1 and the half month,iam still need to pay for the service,then what i got ,is only the e-mail service,wow is costly rite?I make a call everyday after my work , is very hard to get they answer,like calling to hell.

  2. yoo good Maxis 3G is Good !! i try it before, quite fast,for surf net is perfect. The only thing is the upload speed is very very slow,is around U:56k so for online gamer no…

  3. U have my sincere sympathy & although i have yet experience a 14 day but I have friend who experience 3 months n gave up. This is what happen when one company monopolize the market, no fear… celcom & maxis broadband is here to save the day. MobileU for those in KL also recommended.

    Again, i’m still stuck with TMnut, whether i like it or not. Pray one day I can torch down the main office or design some erasable yet contagious virus that only destroy the entire accounting system of their service. Sigh… just joking… again, I’m sure many feel the same for you.

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