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it has been a while

It has been a while that I didn’t blog for quiet some time. the one and only reason is i am too lazy to write 😉 Yesterday, we were talking about blogging, we (me, sogua and rdtan). SoGua seem doing well nowaday, earning big money from blogging, he is managing various blogs now, from tech to fish, from fish to food, which is good for him, as least now he hardly say, “no money, no good” or what so ever. Where as the other mother fucker a.k.a botak, his blog is boring btw, because he is a boring person, the only thing he do is molesting people in the office, or telling people in the office I am admitted into hospital for fun!

Found out SoGua is on MC today in the early morning, right after i received my email (I still wondering and cannot understand why HR broadcast to everyone when somebody is on MC). He twisted his back; must be the great sex he had with botak :D, more specifically, in botak’s car, haha 😉 I leave it to him to clarify what was happening in the car yesterday.

Quiet busy recently, life as usual, and the worst thing that happened to me last month was I fallen sick, not exactly sick, but throat is like dying for 3 weeks, end up last month medical bill came up to MYR135! For record, the total days I was on MC in 2007 was 1.5 days, as in today, for 2008, I have already taken 2 days of MC! This shown that I am having bad health for this year, not a good year 🙂

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wei bro, i still poor like last time.
n i still say “no good, cuz no money” but u seldom hear it only.
u so busy where got time to bother the small potatos.


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