Jason Mraz – Mr A-Z

Yahoo! Just pre-ordered Jason Mraz new album “Mr A-Z”, because this is a pre-order, which mean I only able to receive the shipping in August, aww… I will receive on my birthday 🙂 As a gift for myself by listening to the good music! Jason Mraz is popular with the songs You And I Both, Remedy, Sleep All Day(Max Favorite, should thank me ;)) and etc. If you love his music, please support original CD!visit his new album store)(I don’t think his album sell in M’sia) or check out his website for more info!

2 Replies to “Jason Mraz – Mr A-Z”

  1. haha.. i’m glad to hear tht too!! anyway.. i gotto thanks paul for preparing the birthday present for me as well in august..
    tht would be my first present for 23years old birthday !~ thanks paul !!!! i really like the sleep all day.. tht’s wat i always did.. !!

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