Paul-琮政 Life

Kabilan Birthday

Today, is our Editor – Mr Kabilan birthday. How old is him? Well, not too old, not too young, in the middle stage. heheh… As usual, we will buy a cake and celebrate with da staff, this time I took the job and bought a cake from Angel cake house in Bangsar Telawi during lunch.

Mr Sogua “sipek” smart, can’t find a place in the frige, and he put it in the freeze place. Luckily din’t put so long, else wasted my effort. I think he purposely one la, because Max and Me did something to him, heheh..

Suddently interested to take SAP certified paper, but kinda expensive, around 25K for 3 months part time course. Should I invest into it? Well, I need to do more research on that, see how demanding is the market for now and in the future. Need to get more info from Julius, he got a SAP in HR.

Looking at the e-book writen by Zeev Suraski and Andi Gutmans(they are the god of PHP and founder of ZEND). Malaysia PHP User Group May meet up is on next week Thursday 26th May 2005, I manage to get John Lim from ADODB to give a talk on? ADODB lo. It will be interesting and Ditesh will be speak on WACT framework. If you are PHP developer, what are you waiting for? Come and join us, read for more info.