Paul-琮政 Life

Kampung Councillor In Kampung

I didn’t submit that thing, is NORMAL what, others fellow also didn’t submit. This is “perkara biasa” (normal case), why should I resign? I got whole bunch of suppoters, whole division back me up.

Malaysia – The lovely country, I think this people who back him up is showing up their truely stupidity act. This people don’t know about reputation, all they know is about power on the hand and $$$ at the back. You said you have contributed to the rakyat, what the hell you contributed? Just build one house mean you have contributed to the rakyat? Well, if I managed to pull out a fund to build a nicely done bus stop, does that means I am good to lead the state too?

This people who work in the country, who represent us, is himiliating us. We feel shame for this people who standing in the front line and their acting. Sometime, it’s not we want to vote them, it’s becasue we don’t have a better person to vote for.

Did I mentioned the name? Nope, I ain’t talking anybody, it’s a fairly tales.