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Lunch at one of the kopitiam in L**ky G***en this afternoon. Eric ordered a malaysian favourite Kopi “O” in that kopitiam. At first, Eric looked sipek(very in hokkien) innocent, I felt he got something to tell me, finally he shoot, “I think the kopi “o” taste some kind…”. I try to taste it, WOW! the Kopi “O” tasted like Kopi “SAI”(shit in hokkien). Ah Lin ask the “_waitress_” to change the drink, she said OKOK. Eric want to change teh ice, don’t want Kopi “SAI” anymore(human dun drink shit :p). When the teh ice safely arrive the table(color look nice, am teh ice expert, can see it :)), da lady ask Eric to pay for it! Wa lau(sometthing oh my good in Hokkien), still want him to pay! What is this! She said Eric already drink the Kopi “SAI” so cannot change other drink. Aunty, sure got drink some la, else how to know it’s a Kopi “SAI”! haihhhhhhhh… but Eric is so kind.. pay for that… for me… , i won’t pay, will fight back my RM1.40 :p

Eric enjoy his Teh Ice, after Kopi “SAI”

**PS: Eric wants to learn Hokkien, so there will be italic translation

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