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Lazy Sogua, Lazy Max, Lazy Danny

20:25 > If you look back to my archieve, and you will find out why Sogua and me start to blog. Yes, it’s twinmum, she inspire us to start blogging. After reading twinmum blog, then sogua and me started to blog. We said gonna blog everyday, blog everything inside our own blog, our own atmosphere. After Danny and Max saw we blog, indirectly influenced them started blog.

Whois is Sogua, Danny and Max, there are the people who in my feature section. and yet, a lot of friend thinking I am too free got nothing to do and blog blog blog. If you know what is blog, then you will find out how long to write a post. Do you see 20:25 at the beginning of the line? Yes, I started at that time, and I am going to end here.. and.. LAZY KUKU CHUA, KUKU MAX and KUKU DANNY!

3 minutes to blog, hard meh?
Continue my worksss!

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