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Life – Why bad things happen to good people…

I was very shock, and also very sad.. very very sad to read the news from the newspaper. Why is him? Why this tragedy is happened to him? Why can it be happened!!!

曾文珩老师 – He is my primary school – Keat Hwa (H) basketball team coach, I was selected by him as primary school player. He was good coach to lead us and motivated our team. I was very shock, I can’t believe I saw it on China Press newspaper 5 mins ago with the headline “A teacher fall down and dead” and the picture is him. It’s very sad… He is also my dad secondary school classmate..

Why bad thing is happened to a good people? Why bad thing is happened to a good teacher? Sometime, we can’t blame anybody, tragedy already happened, we got to accept it. It’s a luck, life…

May god bless his family… 🙁

China Press
The Star

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