Paul-琮政 Life

Long Holiday

After 5:30pm, I will be having long holiday, every one of us is waiting for 5:30pm, then we will jumping up and down drooling out to the office and have a long nice break, hibernate our mind from work work work work. Well, we need to give a big hug hug and kiss kiss to our generous boss, give us official off day on Monday, and the early salary released, which will put us in dilemma at the end of the month, anyways thanks a lot.

Not going back to hometown this time, I tak semacam Encik Fauzi from Takaful Malaysia, only visiting his own kaum for raya, and forbid to wish our indian friend happy deepavali. During the holiday, will be visiting friend for deepa-raya, enjoy Man Utd v Liverpool match with some liverpool fellow(I am Man Utd fans, will have a good fight with liverpool fellows) on Sunday night. Monday, will be going “down” to Melaka visit Douglas, he is kind enough to give us a 1 day tour in Melaka and have good food. Also, I just got Prison Break season 1 + 2(7), can nicely laying on the bed enjoy the series.

And 矮子 will bring along his new camera to spend his monday holiday with us in Melaka. Cheers and enjoy your holiday, also take good care of yourself, don’t get sick kay kay kay.