MacBook Pro in February 2006

Only one inch thick, it packs a standard built-in iSight* camera and an innovative new magnetic power adapter called MagSafe, which eliminates costly disaster caused by tripping over power cord(it disconnects at the slightest sudden tug).

As for why the Intel transition is so exciting and so essential, Jobs explained, “We realized it wasn’t just about performance. It was about performance per watt.”

On power-per-watt performance, the Intel Core Duo processor delivers-an improvement of up to 400 percent over the G4 chip, according to Apple. Jobs also pointed out that the impressive benchmarks were achieved using Intel’s own compiler.

The MacBook Pro starts shipping in February 2006, but Jobs advised, “I suggest you get your order in early.”

Two more Intel-based Macs were highlighted on center stage during Jobs’ keynote. While the iMac’s distinctive all-in-one look was not dramatically modified from previous models, it delivers the punch of the Intel Core Duo processor and a 20-inch model with a 2.0Ghz processor.

The new iMacs are available immediately.

MacBook Pro All new MacBook Pros ship with a remote and Apple’s FrontRow software for viewing videos, showing photos and watching videos.

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