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Malaysia May 13th 1969

Some of you guys might not know what is 13th May 1969 meant. I found the article in WIKIPEDIA.

The May 13 Incident is a term for the Chinese-Malay race riots in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on May 13, 1969. The riots continued for a substantial period of time, and the government declared a state of national emergency, suspending Parliament until 1971. Officially, 196 people were killed as a result of the riots between May 13 and July 31

Read here for more understanding about May 13 1969.

Why I brought this up in a sudden? During last week UMNO Meeting, some dickheads remind us about May 13 1969;

Malacca delegate Hasnoor Sidang Hussein, said

Umno is willing to risk lives and bathe in blood in defence of race and religion

Umno Youth exco member Azimi Daim, said

when tension rises, the blood of the Malay warriors will run in our veins.

Terengganu Umno Youth information chief Razak Idris, said

Malay rights cannot be challenged, otherwise the Malays will run amok and May 13 will happen all over again in Kuala Lumpur

I don’t feel safe living in this freaking country. Just hope someday, somehow, I am able to hire by some company in Mountain View, and migrate to oversea, and never ever come back to this country, listen those dickheads said dicky stuff.

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hehe , i saw this article also in the wiki!!!
but this kind of incident really terrible, is nutcase man!!

I hope it will not going to happen.
If it really going to happen after all , it’s really going to spoil their own reputations as I*L**M memebers.

since the May 13th incident, the malays always threaten chinese. even before may 13th, the chinese-malay riot already happen in singapore. that why tunku kick singapore out of malaya. the father of the current foreign minister, datuk syed hamid albar is the bastard that started the may 13th incident. if the chinese leaders keep on quiet, may 13th will happen again. for ‘king’ information, i do haf a lot of malay friends. i am a not racist

Hi Thiam Hin, I also have a lot Malay friends. My boss is a Malay, I particularly like him very much. I play badminton every week with my Malay friends as well.

I am not finger pointing to all, it’s not about races. It’s about attitude, there is chinese we don’t like too, the reason is attitude. And this dickheads are sick, they are bunch of uneducated fuckers.

As a representative, at least you should filter what to say or what is not. These dickheads just burp everything out from their mouth. I just feel shame, extremely shame that we have this low level type of leaders in our multi cultural country.

i do agree with u paul…but don’t u feel unsafe if everyday they wish to wipe u from the face of earth…let’s juz wait and see how the current administration will react….thanks paul for ur feedback…

well said paul. maybe it’s time the people of your generation take up politics and become MPs? (i’ll be your campaign manager..) hehe

dont talk too much about malay politicians guys, after the police wil catch you and take you to the woods and bomb you into pieces lo, wtf, anything can happen, better shut up and WORK HARD.

haha… good joke michael…

but it’s because of all Malaysians who have shut their mouths for so many years now and just concentrated on working hard, that today… u guys are lame ducks with no way to exercise your rights… don’t you feel ashamed to be forced to be slaves in your own country?… tsk tsk… stop living in a state of fear friends…

We want to be felt like part of this family…we really want to…but somehow, people keep telling us we are not. They are the master, with all the Ketuanan. We are only boarder here. So, we ought to shut up and just be gladful that we are allowed to live here.

But I think the whole thing is just a tactic to blur our focus. The policy to help bumi has been in place for so long, but there are still plenty of Malays living in poor condition. It is so much easier to blame it on other people than admit the failure of the policy. The simpliest question to ask will be, with all the money putting into helping bumi, where it all end up? How much of it actually go to benefit those really deserve it?

It is sad. Especially when PM blame it on Chinese Media for digging on Races issue. It just make me feel hopeless.

will giving so many priviledges to malay help build the malay community? you know i know.

pls look at singapore…

PM (interviewed by CNN, after the Lee Kuan Yew issue) : chinese are successful bcos of malay give chance… kwa kwa kwa…

i better agree with PM bcos i no want to be tangkap and bombed by police

I am really saddened with the above statement at the UMNO assembly. I am a Malaysian studying abroad and whenever I meet someone new, I have always described myself as a Malaysian, never a Chinese first. However, I must now rethink how should I introduce myself.

Sometimes, I really think I am more of a Chinese than Malaysian. With all the nonsense being said that non-Malays are ‘pendatang asing’, I really wonder why must I be loyal to my country. Other students from China, Singapore, United Kingdom, Jordan, Nigeria, Romania and etc are so proud being a citizen of their respective country. They described their country with a certain air of pride and patriotism, because they were born there and that is the country that they knew ever since they were borned.

Now, with our leaders treating us as ‘pendatang asing’, why on Earth should I be loyal to my country? I have really no idea what differentiates us. My Malay, Indian, Kadazans and Iban friends are all the same to me. We were borned in M’sia in the 80s and have been in M’sia for our entire lives. Our parents are also borned in M’sia and have been there ever since. Is it really fair to call us ‘pendatang asing’? I am on the verge of giving up on M’sia and could give a shit about it anymore. *sigh*………………….

I do think that those who said that hav brains. The difference is they tak guna dia punya otak. U c, as a malay up north, we mixed well everyday with Chinese & Indians. But the so called leaders statements make us Malays felt shy to c our Chinese friends. What kind of leaders we choose. I am not angered by tose statement but I have something to say to those leaders who said (or even think). MALU LA SIKIT BEB!!! It certainly have degraded Malays who do not associate with them. Even PAS leaders dont say that. Time to reform UMNO.

But I think we should look at thier upbringing. Perhaps they grew up in the jungle and SUDDENLY….pup pap….become Ketua Pemuda. U know hoe UMNO leaders get elected. Not from bottom to up. But from top to bottom. Pak Lah (the mr nice guy) shud strike them out. Those are trying to gain cheap popularity. Kesian.

OK back to the topic up there about 13th of May. This is my personal experience. Of course I was only 6 yrs old when it happened and in my hometown. I never knew such incident took place until I came to KL in 1971. First I hear it from school mates u knoe 7 to 10 yrs old. The Malays said it was the Chinese that were the “jahat” ones lah. But when I grew up and read some books, it is all about politics. And when I finally got into a muti racial secondary school the perception began to balace. When I stayed with a Chinese family for 6 years and listen to the Ah Soo telling stories, it was potrayed that the Malays were the “jahat” ones. And in late 80’s Najib Tun Razak called Dato Haron the “samseng” of 13th May. My conclusion, it is the few politicians and a bunch of Malays & Chinese that tarnished the good image of our very loving and cultured Malaysians in general. Now these bunch of politician (sudah tara modal mau cerita), started it again. Now I am to the Kampong but not the Kampong that used to be. Evberyone knows about whats happenin in politics. And our education system be it in school or Universities didnt help much. I remember the Education Ministry tried very hard to instill harmony and understanding (not tolerance) way back in early 70’s. It is not like that anymore in the school books. Why? Now we have education Minister cabut Keris macam samseng jugak….But blame the Mat Rempit (who at least have dreams to be GP Champions). Apa nak jadi dgn ketua2 ni semua ooi

look paul, u are just the same as the other freaking hell chinese bastards. evem malaysia got his name from words “malay”. i’m also not a malay but i understand their positions in their own country. open up ur eyes..whos ur grand-grand-grand father..they were from china mainland. so do the indians, they were smuggled here by some sick ass bastards to tap their rubber trees. i learn from the old people in mlaysia and i ask every races in malaysia. i’m a aforeigner and for a freaking hell one day, go think about thit..u might realise it someday..OR EVEN NOT..OBVIOUSLY.

friends, its just a political tactic..dont get “melatah” with this. Our new generations should have able to justify the freedom and tolerance…for those who are born after the tragedy (yg konon takder experience zaman tu), theres nothing to be proud on the tragedy..shame on us all..we should breathe in the fresh air with freedom. We all should inspired from p.ramlee seniman bujang lapok “apalah org mintak keja saja lu sudah bising ini macam, macam mana lu punya bangsa mau maju (change tu malaysian)….” dia punya nasib dia makan, lu punya nasib lu makan…apa salah makan sama-sama”.

Dear paul..dont hate Malaysia, its just the short-minded people. That small land have giving you chance to live your life on earth.

just my humble opinion from a malay who migrated.
I miss my old chinese friends in school days..
Bury, Manchester

I believe history plays a very important role in our life. Some may argue that what the heck the things of the past can influence things of the future. But in fact it is true. Look at Indonesia, their history of bloodshed to achieve their independence, still happened today. Looks at their rallies or their students riot and you will get what I mean.

Same thing is happening in Malaysia. In fact, I think that May 13th is the turning point or cause of all this. After May 13th, the goverment lauch the NEP which focus on rural area and bumiputera benefits.
Their reason is to reduce the financial gap between the bumis and non-bumis. This may sound right and logic but the implementation goes wrong somewhere along the way. Instead of give free ‘fish’, why not teach them to ‘fishing’. Maybe they think by giving out ‘fish’, they will eventually know how to ‘fishing’.

Look at Malaysian football now. Compare the 70’s national team and today national team. Why is the so much different in class? The answer is attitude. The current generations that are born after 1969 are too much depended to ‘freebies’ and ‘help’ from others. Look at our state team, if no result is achieved, then ‘tak apalah’ still got salary what, government guarantee it.

Same story goes with Proton, MAS and many others example. Maybe it is too late for current generation but I think steps must be taken starting for the coming new generation. Teach them to be competative, be independent and be hardworking to achieve a greater height as a proud Malaysian citizen.

Dear all,

First of all, there will a bunch of rotten fruit in every basket. Its not a racial issue for us to sort out. It is some individual short minded persons who have a chance to express their minds. If we open heart to understand and be nice to other race, i believe they will even tolerate to us back. Its is natural if someone hit us, we will bash him back. Dont be selfish because we can enjoy our life watching TV in color , but not to live in color

people,before u guys start judging every single thing in ds country,i believe u guys ought to study n rewly read wut actually happened n wut’s happening ryte now.dont just judge the statements made by our leaders biasly or through one aspect only..everything has its side of the story.

study law n history more!before u start saying things!tq.

It’s funny… I came by your blog (and your post) after googling may 13th 1969. The general elections were held today, and unofficially (as of this moment) the opposition (DAP) has won Selangor. Imagine that. And I’ve been hearing all sorts of stories from the moment this was announced. People are telling me not to go out in the coming days (I stay in Bukit Jalil, KL) because there may be riots going on. (Actually someone mentioned seeing riots going on in Shah Alam, to be honest).

It does sound like deja vu, does it not? It seems like we don’t really learn from history after all.

wake up malaysian…

learn from history…
learn from our grandfather mistakes…
make sure it will never happen again…..

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