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Malaysia’s Bloggers may have to register

BLOGGERS using locally hosted websites may be asked to register with the authorities, Deputy Energy, Water and Communications Minister Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor said.

He said registration was one of the measures the Government was considering to prevent the spread of negative or malicious content on the Internet.

Shaziman said this while winding up the debate on the motion of thanks on the Royal Address for his ministry.

I want to change my blog to dynamic content website running self made Content Management System, so it doesn’t looks like a blog. So I am not a blogger, I am editor/webmaster.

Read full story on The Star.

4 replies on “Malaysia’s Bloggers may have to register”

WTF… The gahmen got no blain one ar? The local hosting companies are already making so little money in the market which is very competitive. They will just kill the local hosting industry by imposing more control. And make more people to vote opposition. Time to move to HK my friend.

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